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Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain that offers great value for money. But when does the annual fee come into play? It can be confusing to know exactly when and how much you’ll have to pay, so it’s important to understand what the fees are and when they’re due. In this article, I’m going to break down everything you need to know about Planet Fitness’s annual fees – from how much they cost to when you should expect them. So if you’re considering joining or already a member of Planet Fitness, read on for all the information you need!

How Much Is The Annual Fee?

At Planet Fitness, the annual fee varies depending on your membership type. Their basic Black Card memberships come with a $39.99 yearly charge along with access to all of their clubs nationwide and other additional benefits like discounted rates for services outside of the gym. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, their PF30 or PF60 memberships will cost $19.99 and $21.99 per month respectively but also provide extras such as unlimited guest privileges and discounts on certain products in the shop. Regardless of what membership level you choose, it’s worth noting that signing up online can often get you even better deals than if you were to sign up at one of their locations directly!

When Is The Annual Fee Due?

Planet Fitness charges an annual fee which is due at the time of signing up for a membership. This means that when you join Planet Fitness, you will be required to pay the full amount of the annual fee in order to secure your membership. If payment isn’t received on time, late fees may apply and could result in your membership being cancelled.

It’s important to note that if you choose not to renew your membership after paying the initial annual fee, a cancellation fee may also be applicable. Therefore, it’s essential that members are aware of their obligations before signing up for any type of long-term agreement with Planet Fitness.

Before committing to an agreement or making payments towards an annual fee, we recommend researching what other gym facilities are available as well as understanding all terms and conditions associated with Planet Fitness’ services. That way you can make sure that you’re satisfied with both the cost and level of service before proceeding further.

Are There Any Exemptions?

When it comes to annual fees, Planet Fitness has an affordable membership that is billed on a monthly basis. This allows members to easily cancel their membership without having to pay the full fee up front. However, there are some exemptions for those who want to become members of the gym and avoid paying any kind of annual fee.

The first exemption applies to individuals over 65 years old as well as anyone with physical or mental handicaps. These individuals may be eligible for a discounted rate that does not include any additional fees associated with being a member at Planet Fitness. Additionally, if you join with a friend or family member, they’ll waive all the sign-up costs and won’t charge you anything extra beyond your regular monthly payment.

It’s also important to note that regardless of which option you choose, canceling your membership can be done at anytime without incurring any penalties or extra charges. With these options available, it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen Planet Fitness as their go-to gym!

What Benefits Does The Annual Fee Include?

I’m sure you’ve heard that Planet Fitness has an annual fee, but what does it include? The annual fee is a one-time payment that provides access to all of the club’s amenities. It also allows members to pay their monthly membership dues in more affordable payment plans rather than having to pay for everything up front. Additionally, with this annual fee comes many additional benefits such as discounts on personal training and massage services.

The amount of the annual fee depends on the type of plan you choose and your location. In most cases, the annual fee ranges from around $39-$79, depending on where you live and which plan you select. Some locations even offer discounted rates if you’re willing to prepay for several months at once or sign a long-term contract.

With an annual fee, Planet Fitness offers its members great value for their money by providing them with access to state-of-the-art equipment, exclusive fitness classes and friendly staff who are always ready to help out! Whether you’re just getting started or looking for ways to save money over time, there’s something here for everyone—so don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities!

Are There Any Other Fees I Should Know About?

The annual fee for Planet Fitness is typically charged at the start of a new membership. It’s important to know that there are several different tiers of memberships available, each with their own associated fees. While most people will opt for the basic Black Card Membership which includes access to all clubs and additional amenities like free tanning and massage chairs, you can also upgrade your membership for an extra charge.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you don’t pay your monthly dues on time, you may incur late fees or other penalties. The amount of these charges vary depending on what kind of membership tier you have, so make sure you read over your agreement before signing up. Additionally, many clubs offer special discounts throughout the year which could help offset some of any additional costs related to upgrading your membership tier.

Ultimately, understanding the various types of fees associated with joining Planet Fitness will help ensure that you get the best value out of your experience while still enjoying all the advantages offered by becoming a member. Taking advantage of discounts when they’re available can really be beneficial in making sure that you save money on any additional expenses related to being part of this gym chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Annual Fee Refundable?

The annual fee that Planet Fitness charges is not refundable. This is because the enrollment process to become a member of their gym includes an upfront cost which grants access to all membership benefits for one full year. At the end of this time, if you’d like to continue having access to these benefits, then you must renew your membership and pay another annual fee.

Are There Any Discounts Available For The Annual Fee?

Are there any discounts available for the annual fee? It depends on your eligibility and membership restrictions. Some members may qualify for a discounted rate, while others may not be eligible. You should check with your local Planet Fitness to see what kind of discounts they offer and whether you’re qualified to get one.

Can I Pay The Annual Fee In Installments?

Yes, you can pay your Planet Fitness annual fee in monthly installments! This is a great way to spread out the cost of membership and make it more affordable. Plus, there are often discounted rates if you choose this option. So instead of paying one lump sum at once, why not break up your payments into manageable chunks? It’s easier on your wallet and lets you enjoy all the benefits of being a Planet Fitness member right away!

Is The Annual Fee Applicable To All Planet Fitness Locations?

The annual fee is applicable to all Planet Fitness locations. Before signing up for a membership, you should always be aware of the cancellation policy and benefits associated with that particular location. For example, some locations may offer an additional discount if you pay your annual fee in one lump sum or offer other incentives like exclusive discounts on merchandise or even free services like massages. Knowing these details can help make sure that you get the best value out of your membership and are satisfied with it overall.

How Do I Cancel My Membership If I Don’t Want To Pay The Annual Fee?

If you don’t want to pay the annual fee, then cancelling your membership is an option. There are a few different ways that you can go about this – by visiting your local Planet Fitness location in person, or calling their customer service line at 1-800-321-0376. If you’re looking for other alternatives and fee waivers, there may be some options available depending on where you live. When it doubt, reach out directly to your local Planet Fitness club to see what they have available!


In conclusion, Planet Fitness charges an annual fee that is not refundable. However, there may be discounts available and the option to pay in installments. Plus, the annual fee applies to all Planet Fitness locations so you can always take advantage of their services regardless of your location. If you decide you don’t want to pay the annual fee for any reason, simply call customer service or visit one of their locations to cancel your membership. This way you won’t have to worry about being charged an unnecessary fee!

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