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Hey there, fitness fanatics! Are you wondering if you can use someone else’s gym membership at LA Fitness? We’ve all been in a pinch before and had to take advantage of a friend’s generous offer – but is it really allowed? Well, I’m here to break down the rules with you.

It’s important to understand what rights and privileges come with each type of LA Fitness membership so that no one gets into trouble. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of using another person’s gym membership as well as some other helpful tips for getting the most out of your time at the gym. Read on for more information!

Types Of La Fitness Memberships

At LA Fitness, there are a variety of memberships that can give you access to their gyms. If you’re looking for the most basic option, then the basic membership is what’s right for you. This type of gym access grants you unlimited use of all fitness center amenities and group exercise classes at any location. It also comes with a discounted fee if more than one family member signs up.

For those looking to upgrade their LA Fitness experience, they offer an exclusive Black Card Membership. With this membership, it includes full access to over 700 locations nationwide as well as guest privileges at participating clubs. Additionally, users receive discounts on personal training sessions and tanning services.

No matter which membership plan fits your needs best, both options come with no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. So whether you want the basics or something more premium, LA Fitness has got you covered!

Rules For Sharing Memberships

Now that you know the different types of memberships at LA Fitness, it is important to be aware of their membership policies and gym etiquette. The first thing to keep in mind when sharing a membership with someone else is that both people must sign the contract and understand all rules set forth by LA Fitness. It’s also important to note that only one person can use the membership at any given time; each member should have designated days or times for working out so as not to overlap with anyone else who may be using the same account. Additionally, if there are multiple family members on the same account, they should make sure to inform staff before entering the gym about which individuals will be working out that day.

It’s essential to adhere to the dress code regulations while visiting gyms, including wearing proper attire such as closed-toe shoes, shirts without offensive messages/images, shorts no more than mid-thigh length, etc. Also remember not to bring your own equipment as this could cause damage and interfere with other guests’ workouts. If you want music during your workout session, please remember that headphones must be used at all times in order to respect those around you. Furthermore, do not leave any personal items unattended as these can be easily stolen or damaged. Finally, exercise machines should always be wiped down after use in order to maintain a clean environment for everyone.

At LA Fitness we strive create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved and take our shared responsibility towards promoting healthy lifestyles seriously. We look forward to having you join us soon!

Benefits Of Using A Friend’s Membership

I love using a friend’s membership at LA Fitness because of all the discounts, perks, and flexibility options it offers. One great thing about having someone else’s membership is that I don’t have to pay full price for my gym visits. Many gyms offer discounts if you are part of a group or team and LA Fitness is no different; they provide discounted rates when multiple people join their gym together! This means I can save money on my regular workouts while still getting access to quality equipment and classes.

The other advantage of utilizing a friend’s membership is access to exclusive member-only deals and promotions. At times, LA Fitness will offer special event packages or premium services that aren’t available to non-members. These extra perks make it worth joining with friends so we can take advantage of them as well! Plus, many memberships also come with additional benefits such as merchandise discounts or free passes for family members.

Moreover, another benefit of using someone else’s membership is the ability to be flexible with workout plans and schedules. With an individual plan from LA Fitness, you’re limited in terms of your visit frequency or class availability; but when you use somebody else’s plan you get more freedom when planning out your week at the gym. This way if one day doesn’t work for me, I’m able to easily shift around my schedule without any hassle or inconvenience.

All these factors combined make having a friend’s membership incredibly convenient and cost effective – making working out much more enjoyable overall!

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Gym Time

Now that you have access to a friend’s gym membership, it is time to make the most of your gym time. Staying motivated and managing your time well are two key components for getting the best possible results from working out. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated and manage your time better when using someone else’s gym membership at LA Fitness.

First, set realistic goals for yourself. It is important to focus on small successes in order to remain motivated throughout your fitness journey. Celebrate accomplishments no matter how big or small; this will help keep you going even during difficult times. Additionally, having an accountability partner who can push you towards achieving your goals can be beneficial as well.

Second, plan ahead! Schedule workouts like any other important activity so that it becomes part of your routine. Planning ahead can also provide structure which helps with motivation and consistency- both essential elements for making progress towards desired outcomes. If a workout needs to be skipped due to other obligations, ensure that an alternate session is planned later on in the week so there’s minimal disruption in momentum gained over time.

Finally, remember why you started and what drives you each day! Acknowledge all the hard work put into improving yourself mentally and physically while keeping in mind that every effort made brings one closer towards meeting personal objectives. Seeing tangible results after consistent training sessions will inspire further dedication to reach established goals.

Alternatives To Sharing Memberships

I understand the appeal of wanting to share a gym membership with someone else. After all, it can be cost-effective and convenient. However, there are some alternatives that may work better for both parties involved.

One option is to join classes together at the gym. This way you can still get your workout in and reap the benefits without having to worry about sharing a membership or violating any rules. Plus, if you need motivation or support during your workout, then this would be an ideal solution!

It’s also important to remember that while working out together can be enjoyable, proper gym etiquette should always be followed so as not to disrupt other members who are using the facility. Respectful behavior such as keeping noise levels low and wiping down machines after use will go a long way towards maintaining a positive atmosphere at the gym.

In addition to being mindful of others around you, it’s also essential to listen to your body when participating in physical activities – make sure not to overdo it! Taking breaks when needed and hydrating regularly are key components of staying safe and healthy while exercising.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An La Fitness Membership Cost?

Joining an LA Fitness can be a great way to get in shape, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either! The cost of membership depends on what kind you want. Generally speaking, most people will pay a joining fee between $50 – 100 dollars and then an ongoing monthly rate depending on the perks you’d like included with your membership. There are plenty of additional benefits that come with being part of the LA Fitness family such as access to all locations, unlimited group fitness classes, personal training discounts and more. So why not join today and start your journey towards better health?

Can I Bring A Guest To The Gym With Me?

If you’re looking to bring a guest with you when you hit the gym, it’s important to understand your gym’s policies. Many gyms offer sharing privileges that allow members to bring guests either for free or for an additional cost. For example, at LA Fitness, all regular and basic members are allowed one guest per visit as part of their membership plan with no extra charge. However, if you’d like to bring more than one guest each time, they may charge an additional fee. Be sure to check out your club’s specific rules before bringing guests along!

Does La Fitness Offer Discounts For Students?

Yes, La Fitness does offer discounts for students! There are no age limits or restrictions when it comes to student discounts. You can also get a discount if you’re in the military, which is great news for those who serve our country. Both of these discounts make it easier and more affordable to join La Fitness, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Can I Use My Friend’s Membership At All La Fitness Locations?

When it comes to using someone else’s membership at La Fitness, sharing rules vary depending on the individual location. Some locations may not allow memberships to be shared between people, while others may have different restrictions or benefits for their members. It is best to check with your local gym in order to determine if you can use a friend’s membership and find out what the member benefits are.

Does La Fitness Offer Any Virtual Classes?

Yes, La Fitness offers virtual classes! From yoga to strength training and HIIT workouts, you can access a variety of fitness classes online. It’s important to maintain good etiquette when participating in online classes by following the instructor’s cues and respecting other people’s space. Additionally, be sure to keep your device secure with strong passwords and two-factor authentication for extra online safety.


In conclusion, LA Fitness offers a wide variety of options for gym-goers. Whether you are looking to purchase an individual membership or use someone else’s, they have something that fits your needs and lifestyle. With discounted rates for students, virtual classes available online, and the option to bring a guest with you while using someone else’s membership, there is something for everyone at LA Fitness. No matter what type of fitness goals you have set for yourself, it won’t be hard to find the right plan at LA Fitness.

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