Can You Tan At Planet Fitness Without Black Card


Tanning is one of the best ways to get a sun-kissed glow. But, can you do it at Planet Fitness without a Black Card? Well, I’m here to answer that question! In this article, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at tanning with and without a Black Card at Planet Fitness. So if you’re looking for all the details on getting your bronze on at PF, keep reading!

Overview Of Tanning Services At Planet Fitness

At Planet Fitness, tanning services are available for those who want to get a sun-kissed glow without spending too much. All you need is the standard membership and you can access their tanning beds. Plus, there’s no extra cost – all it takes is signing up for the Black Card tier if you want unlimited tanning!

The first step towards getting your golden skin is to head over to one of Planet Fitness’s many locations. Once there, just ask about their tanning services and sign up for a membership (Black Card or not). After that, you’re free to enjoy their tanning beds as often as needed – no additional costs involved!

You don’t even have to worry about bringing any special equipment either; they provide towels and goggles in case you forget yours at home. And with multiple levels of intensity on the bed itself, selecting the right temperature setting won’t be an issue either. So what are you waiting for? Come by Planet Fitness today and get ready to look great this summer!

Tanning Access With A Black Card

I have a Planet Fitness Black Card and I love it! With my membership, I get access to all the tanning beds at any of their locations. The best part is that there are no extra costs associated with using the tanning beds – they’re free for me! All of the beds offer both UV rays and spray tan services so you can choose whichever one works best for your skin type.

When I use the tanning beds, I make sure to follow safety guidelines such as wearing protective eyewear and sunscreen. It’s also important to limit how often you use them; more than two sessions per week isn’t recommended because overexposure to UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin.

Overall, having access to the tanning beds at Planet Fitness is great if you’re looking for a healthy glow without paying extra fees or risking sunburns from being outside too long in direct sunlight. I definitely recommend taking advantage of this benefit if you’re a member with a Black Card!

Tanning Access Without A Black Card

While having a Planet Fitness Black Card provides additional tanning access to members, it is not required in order to take advantage of the gym’s tanning options. Tanning without a black card can be done at select locations and with certain restrictions such as limited time per session or specific number of sessions allowed.

It’s important to remember that there are risks associated with excessive exposure to UV rays from tanning beds. Even if you don’t have a Black Card, Planet Fitness recommends that users follow all safety rules and regulations when using the tanning beds or booths for skin protection. This includes limiting your exposure times based on manufacturer instructions and applying sunscreen before entering the tanning bed.

With these precautions taken into consideration, non-black card holders may still enjoy the benefits of indoor tanning while taking steps to ensure their safety. As long as all Planet Fitness policies are followed, anyone is welcome to take part in this optional amenity during their visit.

Alternatives For Tanning At Planet Fitness

I’m sure many of you have been to Planet Fitness, and know the great perks that come along with being a Black Card member. But what if tanning is something you want to do at Planet Fitness? Unfortunately, access to tanning beds requires members to have upgraded Black Cards. That means those without a Black Card will not be able to take advantage of this service.

However, there are still other options available for those wanting to get their golden glow on! UV rays from natural sunlight can be just as effective in achieving desired results – but obviously more dangerous due to potentially higher levels of skin damage. If you’re looking for an alternative way to obtain your tan, look no further than spending some time outdoors catching some sunrays! It’s important to remember sunscreen though- it should always be applied before any outdoor activities involving direct exposure to UV light.

If neither option works out well for you or simply isn’t feasible, there are also indoor alternatives such as sunless tanning products like lotions and sprays which can give your skin the bronzed look without having to expose yourself directly under UV lights or harsh sunlight. These products are much safer for your skin too! So don’t feel left out if you’re not a Black Card member – there are plenty of ways for everyone (with or without one) to become beach ready!

Pros And Cons Of Tanning At Planet Fitness

I have always been interested in tanning at Planet Fitness, but I wasn’t sure what the experience was like without a black card. After doing some research, I realized that you can indeed tan without one. Although there are many benefits to using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, it’s important to understand that they come with certain risks and drawbacks.

The biggest benefit of using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness is skin protection; their beds provide extra UVB light rays which help protect your skin against sunburns and other damages caused by regular sunlight exposure. Additionally, since different levels of power are available on the machines, you can adjust them according to your own preference and needs. This makes it easy for anyone to get a great-looking healthy glow while avoiding any potential damage from over-tanning or too much sun exposure.

However, even when taking all necessary precautions into account, tanning beds still pose certain health risks such as an increased risk of melanoma and premature aging of the skin due to overexposure. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful about how often you use the bed and follow safety guidelines provided by Planet Fitness whenever possible. Furthermore, if you’re planning on frequenting these facilities regularly then investing in a black card might make more sense due to its discounted prices compared to single sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Tanning Beds Are Available At Planet Fitness?

If you’re looking for tanning beds at Planet Fitness, good news – the gym has them! Depending on the location, you’ll find both stand-up and lay-down options available. But remember to use some caution when visiting a tanning bed. Although it’s not necessary to have a Black Card to use the beds at Planet Fitness, keep in mind that UV rays can still be harmful if used too often or without proper protection. So make sure you follow all of their tanning tips before lathering up with sunscreen and hopping onto one of their beds.

How Long Can Someone Tan At Planet Fitness With A Black Card?

Tanning at Planet Fitness with a Black Card is an amazing way to get that summer glow without breaking the bank. Just make sure you’re aware of tanning safety and follow all tanning tips before diving in. Depending on your membership level, you can usually tan for up to 20 minutes per session. If you don’t have a Black Card yet, no worries! You can still use their stand-up beds or Mystic HD spray booth and take advantage of free upgrades if they are available.

Is There A Cost Difference Between Tanning With A Black Card And Without?

Yes, there is a cost difference between tanning with and without a Black Card at Planet Fitness. Tanning with the Black Card will provide you access to discounted prices (as much as 15% off) for your tanning sessions. However, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions when tanning, regardless of whether or not you have a Black Card. Make sure to wear protective eyewear and regularly apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns. Additionally, don’t over-tan! It can be tempting to stay in the booth longer than recommended but this could increase your risk of skin damage. Following these tips will help ensure that your tanning sessions are both safe AND affordable!

What Type Of Protection Should Be Used While Tanning At Planet Fitness?

When it comes to tanning safety, you should always use protection when tanning at Planet Fitness. Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is the best way to protect your skin from sun damage and keep yourself safe while enjoying a good tan. You can also wear protective clothing such as long sleeves, pants, hats and sunglasses for added coverage. Regardless if you have a black card or not, taking proper precautions will help ensure that you get the most out of your tanning session without putting your health in jeopardy.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Sunless Tanning Options?

Yes, Planet Fitness does offer sunless tanning options. This can be a great option if you’re looking to achieve a safe and natural-looking tan without having to use the traditional UV tanning beds. To ensure your safety while using these options, make sure that you follow all safety protocols given by Planet Fitness and apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30 before applying any kind of self-tanner or bronzer. Additionally, do not forget to wear protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses, and long sleeves when going into direct sunlight for extended periods of time.


In conclusion, tanning at Planet Fitness can be a great way to get some color without having to worry about harmful UV rays. With the Black Card membership, you have access to all of their tanning beds and can enjoy longer sessions for no extra cost. It’s important to remember that proper protection should always be used when tanning regardless of where you go. If you want a safe alternative there are sunless tanning options available as well. No matter which option you choose, it’s important to use caution and practice good self-care while enjoying your time in the sun or under the lamps.

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