Can You Tan At Planet Fitness Without A Membership


Have you ever wanted to get a tan without spending an arm and a leg? Well, you may be in luck if you’re a member of Planet Fitness! In this article, we’ll take a look at whether or not non-members can tan at Planet Fitness.

I’m sure most of us have heard about the amazing amenities that come with being part of the PF family – such as access to their on-site gyms and tanning beds. But what if you don’t have a membership? Can you still use these services without signing up for one? That’s what I set out to discover, so let’s dive right into it!

Overview Of Planet Fitness Services

I love visiting Planet Fitness for a great workout and some much-needed relaxation. It’s so convenient that you don’t need to be a member to tan at their facilities! They offer sunless tanning which is super safe, and it doesn’t require any additional fees or memberships – just come in with your ID and get started.

Planet Fitness has really taken the safety of their customers into account when providing tanning services. Each machine is cleaned between each use, so there’s no risk of contamination from previous users. Plus, all employees are trained on how to properly operate the equipment and provide guidance if needed.

If this isn’t enough assurance, they also offer free skin consultations before you start your session. This allows them to help you determine what level of exposure is right for your skin type, making sure you have an enjoyable experience without risking any damage to your skin!

Tanning Services Available To Non-Members

If you’re looking to get a good tan without the need for a membership, then Planet Fitness may be just what you need. Many people don’t realize that non-members can still access some of their services! So, if you’re curious about how much it will cost and what etiquette is expected when tanning at Planet Fitness as a non-member, this article will help answer your questions.

When it comes to the cost of tanning at Planet Fitness as a non-member, prices vary from location to location. Generally speaking however, there are reasonable packages available which make it accessible to most budgets. Prices range from single visits all the way up to month long memberships for those who plan on frequenting the facility more often.

It’s also important to consider the rules and regulations surrounding tanning etiquette when visiting Planet Fitness as a non-member. You’ll want to adhere strictly to these guidelines in order to ensure an enjoyable visit each time you come back. This includes being aware of peak times so that you avoid overcrowding, being mindful of noise levels while using equipment or lounging around and not forgetting any necessary items such as towels or lotion.

All in all, getting a good tan without having to purchase a membership should definitely be taken advantage of by those wishing to do so – with proper planning and consideration given towards both cost and etiquette at Planet Fitness facilities.

Cost Of Tanning Services For Non-Members

Are you looking to get a tan without the expense of a membership? You’re in luck! Planet Fitness offers non-members access to their tanning beds for an affordable fee. Whether you’re looking to take your skin tone up a notch or just trying out indoor tanning, there are several alternatives available from Planet Fitness.

For those not willing to commit to a full membership, walk-in fees allow customers access to all gym amenities including the tanning bed at a fraction of the cost. The fee varies depending on location but typically falls between $20 – $30 per visit with no long term commitment required. Customers can also purchase one-, three-, and five-session packages at discounted rates.

If these options don’t appeal to you, alternative methods such as lotions and sprays may be more suitable for achieving that desired glow. With so many different ways to achieve your perfect shade of bronze, Planet Fitness has something for everyone!

Guidelines For Using The Tanning Beds

I’m planning on using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, so I want to make sure I’m following all the guidelines. I know I should only use them for the timed allotment, so I’ll make sure to set a timer. I also know I should bring a towel and wear protective goggles, so I’ll make sure to have those ready before I start. Let’s not forget the sunscreen either – I’ll put on a layer before and after my tanning session. I know that if I follow all the guidelines, I can safely tan without a membership. That way, I don’t have to worry about any of the restrictions that come with having one.

Timed Use

I’m sure you’ve heard all the warnings about tanning risks and skin care, so it’s important to know the guidelines for using a tanning bed. At Planet Fitness, they allow 30-minute timed use of their tanning beds with an additional fee. This means that guests can purchase single sessions without needing to buy a full membership or package. But these sessions are still subject to the same safety regulations as any other customer in order to protect users from overexposure. All customers must wear protective eyewear while using the beds and sign a release form before each session begins. As with any activity involving UV exposure, it’s always best to practice sun safety when spending time indoors at Planet Fitness too!

Bring Towel

It’s also important to remember that you should bring a towel when using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness. Not only will it help keep your skin moisturized, but it can also be used to wipe off any sweat caused by the hot temperatures in the bed. This helps protect your skin from further damage and keeps your tanning session more comfortable. Plus, having a towel means you won’t have to keep getting up for additional towels during your session!

By following these guidelines for using a tanning bed properly, you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits without risking overexposure or harm. Tanning beds are great for those looking to achieve an even complexion and maintain their preferred level of color year-round. With proper use and sun safety practices, you’ll be sure to get results while staying safe and healthy. So make sure you follow all the rules before your next Planet Fitness tanning session—and don’t forget the towel!

Wear Protective Goggles

When it comes to tanning beds, safety is of utmost importance. That’s why you should always wear protective goggles when in a Planet Fitness tanning bed—to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Not only do these lenses prevent damage to your vision, but they also ensure that any sunscreen application will be done correctly and evenly for maximum skin protection. Additionally, by wearing goggles you’ll avoid awkward squinting and discomfort during your session.

It’s important to note that not all types of sunglasses are suitable for use in tanning beds. Look for ones specifically designed with UV-blocking capabilities or those made specifically for indoor tanning purposes. This way, you can be sure you’re getting full eye protection while enjoying the benefits of sunbathing indoors.

At Planet Fitness, we understand how vital it is to stay safe while using our tanning beds. Whether it’s bringing along a towel or donning protective eyewear, taking extra precautions helps us keep our customers healthy and happy throughout their entire session!

Tips For Enjoying Your Tanning Experience

Tanning at Planet Fitness without a membership is totally doable! But it’s important to follow some safety tips and take precautions, so you can have the best tanning experience. First and foremost, make sure that you wear proper skin protection such as sunscreen or protective clothing when tanning outdoors. This helps protect your skin from sunburns and other damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. It’s also a good idea to limit your time in the sun to no more than 15 minutes at a time, which will help prevent overexposure.

Next, bear in mind that indoor tanning beds can be dangerous if used improperly. Make sure to read all instructions carefully before using an indoor bed, and always use eye protection while tanning indoors. Additionally, try not to exceed recommended times for each session; taking too many sessions could cause excessive exposure leading to burning or worse yet – skin cancer. Finally, keep yourself hydrated during your tanning session by drinking plenty of water throughout the day—this will help ensure maximum safety and health benefits while still enjoying your time under the sun or lamps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Planet Fitness Offer Other Services Besides Tanning?

Yes, Planet Fitness offers a variety of services beyond tanning! Tanning safety is always their number one priority. They offer the highest quality tanning lotion to ensure your skin stays healthy and beautiful while you get that perfect bronze glow. Plus, they have special packages so you can take advantage of all their great features without needing a membership. So make sure to check out what else Planet Fitness has to offer – it’s definitely worth it!

Are There Any Discounts Available On Tanning Services?

Yes! If you’re looking to get a tan, there are several discount options available. Tanning lotions and oils may be discounted depending on the salon or gym that offers them. For example, many Planet Fitness locations offer discounts if you purchase multiple packages of their products at once. So don’t forget to ask for deals when shopping around for your tanning needs!

Is There A Maximum Amount Of Time I Can Use The Tanning Beds?

When it comes to tanning safety, the amount of time you spend in a tanning bed is important. Most salons and fitness centers have limits on how long you can use a tanning bed; usually no more than 15 minutes per session. This helps prevent overexposure and any potential risks associated with excessive exposure to UV rays. Be sure to take breaks between each session so your skin can adjust properly and reap all the benefits that come from proper tanning!

Is Sunscreen Provided At Planet Fitness?

It is important to practice tanning safety when using any of Planet Fitness’ tanning beds, and sunscreen isn’t something you have to worry about providing yourself. Sunscreen is provided for every member who chooses to use the tanning beds at Planet Fitness. However, frequent or excessive tanning can be dangerous so if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the sunbeds, it’s important to take necessary precautions like wearing protective eyewear and limiting your exposure time.

Are There Age Restrictions For Using The Tanning Beds?

Yes, there are age restrictions for using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness. You must be 18 or older to use them and have a valid membership. It’s important to remember that tanning safety is paramount when it comes to skin care. Make sure you follow all of the instructions provided by Planet Fitness and wear protective eyewear while tanning.


No, you cannot tan at Planet Fitness without a membership. However, if you do decide to join the gym, there are many benefits. Tanning services are offered with discounts for members and they also offer sunscreen protection while using their beds. As far as age restrictions go, anyone over 18 is eligible to use the tanning facilities. So why not take advantage of this great service when signing up? It’s an easy way to get that sun-kissed look year round.

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