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Taking a shower after your workout is one of the best parts of going to the gym. So, when you join Planet Fitness, it’s natural to wonder if there are showers available for members. The answer may surprise you! In this article, I’ll be discussing all the details about taking showers at Planet Fitness – from whether they’re allowed or not, to what amenities they have and more.

Whether you need an invigorating post-workout rinse or just want to freshen up before heading out on the town, having access to a shower can really come in handy at times. Read on as I dive into everything related to using the showers at Planet Fitness so that you can make sure you plan accordingly!

Are Showers Allowed At Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can take showers at Planet Fitness. It is a part of the etiquette for using their locker rooms and gyms. All members are expected to shower before entering the gym or after working out.

Planet Fitness provides all its members with access to private restrooms and changing areas so they can feel comfortable while getting ready for their workout routine. The locker room includes plenty of amenities such as lockers, towels, shampoo, body wash, hair dryers, and other necessary items. In addition to that, there are also staff members available to help answer any questions about how to use these facilities properly.

Overall, taking showers at Planet Fitness is safe and encouraged in order to maintain proper hygiene standards within their facility. They have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of everyone who uses their services by providing privacy curtains and separate men’s and women’s areas. This allows guests the freedom to get ready without compromising on comfort levels or feeling uncomfortable around strangers.

What Amenities Does The Shower Have?

Yes, you can take showers at Planet Fitness! Not only is it allowed, but the gym also offers a variety of amenities to make your showering experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.

When visiting the locker room for a shower, remember to always practice good hygiene etiquette by wearing flip flops or sandals in order to prevent any potential infections from damp surfaces. Additionally, keep your belongings secured with you at all times; there are cubbies provided so that members can store their items while they shower. Finally, be sure to use the complimentary body wash and shampoo provided – this will help ensure safety as well as proper sanitation among other members.

Planet Fitness also has several steps in place to guarantee maximum security when taking a shower. Each one of their showers is equipped with both temperature controls and an adjustable sprayer hose for convenience and comfortability purposes. Plus, each bathroom stall features additional hooks and shelves where guests can hang towels and toiletries if needed. All these features combined provide a secure area for individuals who wish to freshen up after a workout session.

Showering at Planet Fitness doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary – instead, it should be viewed as an opportunity to relax and unwind after completing some intense physical activity! With the right preparation, knowledge of showering etiquette, and understanding of safety protocols – anyone can enjoy taking a hot steamy shower without feeling uneasy or uncomfortable during their visit.

Are The Showers Clean?

I’m sure you’ve been to a gym before and know what it’s like in the locker room. That being said, Planet Fitness is no different when it comes to shower etiquette and cleanliness standards. The showers are kept extremely clean and tidy throughout the day, which ensures everyone can have an enjoyable experience while getting ready for their workout session or just freshening up after one.

The staff at Planet Fitness take pride in keeping all of their facilities spotless, especially the showers! They make sure to regularly clean them with top-of-the-line cleaning products that leave them smelling fresh and looking great. Not only does this help keep bacteria away but also makes your time spent in the showers more comfortable since there won’t be any weird odors lingering around.

Overall, taking a shower at Planet Fitness is definitely something you can do without worry. The staff works hard to ensure all areas of their facility are well maintained so that customers can focus on having fun during their visit instead of worrying about hygiene issues.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Towels And Toiletries?

Yes, you can take showers at Planet Fitness. The gym provides a range of amenities to help make your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The showers are kept clean and tidy in accordance with the highest hygiene standards. Fresh towels are supplied daily for members who need them – so there’s no need to bring your own! You’ll also find soap dispensers located near each shower cubicle for extra convenience.

Planet Fitness has everything you need to get ready after an intense workout session – from towels and toiletries to changing rooms and mirrors. So if you’re looking for a place to freshen up, Planet Fitness is definitely worth considering!

Is There A Time Limit On Using The Shower?

Yes, you can take showers at Planet Fitness. With its abundant amenities and comfortable changing rooms, it’s easy to feel right at home while taking a shower. There isn’t an exact time limit set on using the showers, but there are certain etiquette guidelines that should be followed in order to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience.

The first rule of thumb is to keep the area clean. It’s important for every gym member to do their part by cleaning up after themselves when done with the showering facilities. This includes wiping down surfaces and disposing of any used materials or items properly into provided bins. Additionally, members should also respect other people’s privacy by maintaining appropriate distances from each other when in the locker room or bathrooms.

Planet Fitness provides quality services, so make sure you do your part as a patron and follow these basic rules of etiquette. Respect other people’s comfort levels, practice good hygiene habits, and always leave the space cleaner than you found it — this way everybody will enjoy their stay!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Private Showers At Planet Fitness?

Yes, you can take showers at Planet Fitness! Planet Fitness provides private showers with shower etiquette and high hygiene standards. The gym’s locker rooms are equipped with lockers to store your belongings while you shower. You also have access to towels, shampoo, soap, and other hygienic supplies for your convenience. So don’t worry about privacy or feeling uncomfortable – just relax and enjoy a nice hot shower after a great workout!

Is There A Separate Changing Area?

Yes, Planet Fitness has a separate changing area for your convenience. They have an extensive towel policy to ensure all members are safe and comfortable in the locker rooms. The water temperature is also adjustable so you can take showers that are just right for you! There’s no need to worry about privacy either since there will always be someone on staff monitoring the locker room.

Are There Separate Shower Stalls For Men And Women?

Yes, Planet Fitness offers separate shower stalls for men and women. These individual areas are designed to ensure the privacy of each gender while they use the showers. It is important to remember general shower etiquette when using these facilities as well; this includes keeping your voice down, not lingering too long in the area, avoiding any unnecessary nudity around other individuals, and refraining from adjusting or tampering with the water temperature settings.

Are There Lockers To Store Personal Belongings?

Yes, there are lockers available at Planet Fitness to store your personal belongings while you take a shower or work out. Towel rentals are also available so that you don’t have to bring your own towel and shower towels if you forget them. The locker area is secure so that your items stay safe while you enjoy the facilities at Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Shampoo And Body Wash?

Yes, Planet Fitness provides shampoo and body wash! You don’t have to worry about bringing your own. However, there are some timing restrictions you should know about; showers must be taken during staffed hours as the locker rooms will not be open all day long. Additionally, if you’re looking for a powerful shower with great water pressure, this might not be the best option for you as most of the showers at Planet Fitness provide low-pressure streams.


Yes, you can take showers at Planet Fitness. It is equipped with private shower stalls for both men and women, as well as a separate changing area so that you have all the privacy you need. Plus, there are lockers to store your belongings while you’re in the shower. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they even offer shampoo and body wash if needed! All in all, taking a shower at Planet Fitness is convenient, comfortable and hygienic – perfect for when you’re on the go or just don’t feel like heading home after working out.

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