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Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape and maintain good health, but it’s not always easy to go alone. That’s why many people are wondering if they can take a guest with them when they visit LA Fitness. I’m here to answer that question for you!

In this article, we’ll discuss all the details of taking a guest with you when you head out to your local LA Fitness. We’ll cover everything from how much it costs to any policies and procedures that must be followed. So if you’re ready to learn more, let’s get started!

Overview Of Guest Policies

I’m sure you’re excited to take your guest to LA Fitness! Before visiting, it’s important to understand the gym’s policies. At LA Fitness, guests’ visits require a membership fee and must be accompanied by an active member of the fitness center. It’s also important that all visitors follow good gym etiquette while they are there. This includes putting away weights and equipment after use, wiping down machines, and being aware of other members around them. To get the most out of their visit, I recommend making sure your guest arrives with appropriate attire such as comfortable workout clothes and closed-toe sneakers. That way they’ll feel great while they exercise! All in all, following these guidelines will ensure a pleasant experience for everyone at the gym.

Cost Of Bringing A Guest

Bringing a guest to LA Fitness is an exciting experience! It’s always great to have someone join you on your fitness journey. However, before doing so it’s important to know what the costs are associated with bringing a guest. Generally speaking, members will need to pay additional fees in order for their guests to use the gym facilities and services. Membership fees vary based on what type of membership plan you choose, but typically include access for one person only. Guest fees may be charged per visit or as part of a monthly package that allows multiple visits from guests throughout the month. It’s worth taking some time to compare different options to see which works best for you and your budget. Whichever option you choose, having a friend come along can make working out more enjoyable and help keep each other motivated!

What To Bring When You Visit

I always bring a pair of athletic clothes and shoes when I visit the gym. I usually have a towel with me too, so I don’t have to rent one from the gym. I also bring a water bottle so I can stay hydrated while I’m working out. It’s really important to me to be comfortable and prepared when I’m working out, so making sure I have the right gear is essential. Plus, I save money by not having to rent or buy anything from the gym. It’s definitely worth it to make sure I have everything I need for a successful workout.

Athletic Clothes

When I’m visiting the gym, athletic clothes are a must! When it comes to exercise etiquette, it’s important to be comfortable and appropriate. That means wearing clothing that allows for easy movement during fitness classes or other exercises. Sweats and t-shirts, shorts and tanks – whatever you decide is best for your workout routine – just make sure you have something that’s lightweight and breathable enough that you won’t overheat while pushing yourself on the elliptical or lifting weights. And don’t forget to bring a clean pair of socks – no one likes smelly feet in the locker room! Above all else, remember to respect yourself and others by dressing appropriately; after all, we’re here to get fit!


No gym visit is complete without a towel to wipe away the sweat! Towels are an important part of exercise etiquette; not only do they keep you from dripping all over the machines, but it’s also important to practice good hygiene. Bring your own towel every time you go, and make sure its clean enough that other people won’t be grossed out when you use it. Also, don’t forget towels take up space in the locker room so after each workout fold up your towel or hang it on a hook if there’s one available. When I’m at the gym, I always try to be mindful of others by practicing good towel care – this helps ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience while getting fit.

Water Bottle

I always make sure to bring my own water bottle when I visit the gym. Staying hydrated is essential for exercising, and it’s important to stay on top of your personal hygiene while you’re there too. Having a reusable water bottle that seals tight helps keep me from having to touch shared surfaces which can help lower the chances of catching anything germy. Plus, with so many different sizes and styles, there are tons of options available – I like picking out something that fits my personality! My last tip is to remember to refill your bottle or grab some extra as soon as you start feeling thirsty; dehydration can sneak up quick if you don’t take care of yourself!

Rules And Regulations

It is important to be aware of the rules and regulations at LA Fitness when taking a guest. There are different membership types, so it is best to check with the front desk staff before bringing someone along. It is also essential for guests to understand gym etiquette – this includes being respectful of other members, maintaining hygiene in the facility, using proper attire when exercising, and following instructions from staff members. To make sure that everyone enjoys their time at LA Fitness, please ensure all visitors adhere to these guidelines set by the club. This way, every member can have an enjoyable experience.

Benefits Of Bringing A Guest

Bringing a guest with you to LA Fitness can be a great way to stay motivated and have fun. Not only does it make exercising more enjoyable, but it also provides an opportunity for socializing and making new friends. Having someone else there allows you to set goals together and encourages accountability so that neither of you slacks off on your own fitness journey.

Exercising with a friend is one of the best ways to stay consistent in achieving your goals since having someone beside you makes workouts less isolating and more exciting. It’s easier to push yourself when you know someone has got your back, plus it’s just plain fun! Working out together gives both of you the chance to cheer each other on while trying different exercises or challenging yourselves further than before.

At LA Fitness, members are allowed bring up to two guests per visit who pay a nominal fee for access; this is perfect if you want treat a friend or family member special by taking them along on your next workout session. Exercising with others not only helps increase motivation levels, but it also keeps boredom away as time passes quickly when socializing and pushing each other towards success. So don’t hesitate – grab a buddy or two and head over to the nearest LA Fitness center today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There An Age Limit For A Guest?

Yes, there is an age limit for guests at La Fitness. Depending on the individual facility, children ages 12 and up are allowed to accompany a guest who pays the daily fee. The costs involved will vary depending on your location but typically range from $15 – $25 per day. You can find more information about their guest policy online or ask a staff member when you arrive.

Can A Guest Use The Group Exercise Classes?

Yes, a guest can use the group exercise classes at La Fitness. Depending on your membership type and location, there may be costs involved for you and/or the guest. However, some clubs offer special discounts for guests that wish to join in on the fun of a group class. Be sure to check with your local club to get all of the details about any fees or discounts!

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Times A Guest Can Visit?

Yes, there is a limit to the number of times a guest can visit La Fitness. Depending on your membership type, you may have access to guests for free or with a one-time fee. If your membership does not include any guest fees, then typically each guest will be limited to 3 visits per year. However, if you are willing to pay an additional fee, some memberships allow more frequent and unlimited guests.

Do Guests Need To Sign A Waiver?

Yes, you need to have a signed waiver for anyone who visits La Fitness as a guest. Depending on the membership options available at your local gym, guests may be able to visit multiple times before needing to sign an additional waiver. Make sure that any waivers are filled out and signed prior to using the facilities.

Are Locker Rooms Available For Guests?

Yes, guests do need to sign a waiver before using the La Fitness facilities, but it’s good news that locker rooms are available for them too! The guest policy of La Fitness varies from location to location, so make sure you check with your local gym. Generally speaking, there is usually an additional fee for guests in addition to your own membership cost; however, if you bring more than one guest at once then you may be able to get discounts or even have all their fees waived completely.


Yes, you can absolutely take a guest to LA Fitness. It’s important to remember that guests need to be at least 18 years old and must sign a waiver before they begin. They can use the group exercise classes and have access to the locker rooms just like members. Furthermore, there is no limit on how many times your guest can visit as long as you accompany them each time.

Overall, taking a friend or family member as a guest is an excellent way for them to experience all that LA Fitness has to offer without having to commit to membership themselves. So why not take advantage of this opportunity today? Invite someone along and enjoy the great fitness amenities together!

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