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We’ve all been there: you’re ready to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and join your local 24 Hour Fitness gym, but you don’t want to go alone. Can you take a guest with you? Of course! 24 Hour Fitness offers plenty of ways for friends and family members alike to come along. In this article, we’ll explore the ways that guests can be part of your workout routine at 24 Hour Fitness.

Whether it’s just one visit or an ongoing membership, bringing someone else along when you hit up the gym can really help motivate both of you – not to mention having someone there makes the experience more fun! Read on to learn about how easy it is for guests to use 24 Hour Fitness alongside its members.

Member Guest Passes

It’s great that you want to take a guest to 24 Hour Fitness! They offer discounted rates for members who bring guests. You can purchase a day pass, monthly package or even family packages. It’s definitely worth looking into if you plan on taking your guest more than once.

The cost of the passes depend on the location and club level in which you choose to visit. However, all levels have basic amenities such as cardio machines, weights and group classes included with each membership option so you can rest assured knowing both you and your guest will be taken care of no matter what type of workout routine they’re trying to achieve.

One added bonus is that most clubs also offer exclusive member events throughout the year where there are usually discounts available for bringing friends along. So make sure to check out their website or talk to one of the representatives at any local club for further details about how exactly you can get discounted rates for your next outing with your guest!

Bring A Friend Free Days

At 24 Hour Fitness, we understand that you want to bring a friend or family member along with you for your workout. That’s why we offer our Member Guest Passes and Bring A Friend Free Days! Our Member Guest Passes are designed to give discounts on specific services while allowing members to bring guests at no extra cost. With these passes, you can enjoy access to all of our facilities as well as any promotional programs such as swim lessons, classes or even personal training sessions!

Bring A Friend Free Days is another great way for members to share their fitness experience with someone else. On designated days throughout the year, if you’re an active member in good standing then you can bring up to two friends – one time each – completely free! We know how important it is to have support when starting out on a new journey and this program makes it easy for both experienced gym-goers and newcomers alike.

We want everyone who visits us here at 24 Hour Fitness to feel supported, so come check out our special offers today! Whether through Member Guest Passes or Bring A Friend Free Days, there’s something for everyone looking to make progress toward their health goals.

Group Exercise Classes

At 24 Hour Fitness, we provide a wide range of group exercise classes for our guests that encourage healthy and fun activities. We want to ensure all our guests have the best experience possible while at our gym so it’s important they understand proper guest etiquette and safety concerns when participating in these classes.

First and foremost is respecting other people’s space during class. Guests should remain mindful of their own movements, as well as those around them, to prevent any injuries or collisions with others. It’s also important to be aware of the instructor’s directions throughout the class—this can help keep everyone on track and allow for an enjoyable workout session.

Furthermore, if you’re bringing a guest who isn’t familiar with certain exercises or machines, make sure you explain how each machine works before beginning your workout routine. This will help minimize any risk of injury due to improper use of equipment. Additionally, always follow spotter rules when lifting weights; having someone else there to help you out can make all the difference!

We hope this guidance provides some helpful tips for ensuring both yourself and your guest have a great time at 24 Hour Fitness!

Personal Training Sessions

I know how intimidating it can be to go to the gym for the first time, especially when you don’t have someone by your side. That’s why I’m here! With one on one coaching, I’ll help you feel comfortable and confident in the gym no matter what your fitness level is. Together we’ll make sure that each workout session meets your individual needs with a personalized plan tailored just for you.

On top of developing an exercise routine that works best for you, I also offer fitness assessments so we can measure progress over time. This helps keep track of any changes or improvements in strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. Through this process we will uncover areas that need more work and ensure you stay motivated throughout the journey.

My goal is to provide support every step of the way as you strive towards achieving your goals – whether they are related to weight loss, muscle building or anything else! Let me guide you through this exciting new chapter of getting fit and feeling great about yourself.

Corporate Membership Benefits

I can tell you that 24 Hour Fitness offers some great corporate membership benefits. With a corporate membership, you get access to discounted rates and the ability to check out class schedules ahead of time. Plus, taking advantage of these savings is easy – just show your ID at any participating club when signing up for a membership or purchasing classes.

At 24 Hour Fitness, there are also lots of options available for members. You can choose from various types of gym memberships ranging from basic access to all-inclusive packages that come with additional perks like personal training sessions and more. No matter what kind of workout routine you’re looking for, 24 Hour Fitness has something to suit everyone’s needs!

The staff at 24 Hour Fitness are always friendly and helpful too – they’re committed to providing an enjoyable experience every single time you visit. Whether it’s helping new members learn how the equipment works or giving advice on which classes might be best suited for you, they go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels comfortable while getting their daily exercise in!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Bring A Guest To 24 Hour Fitness?

It can be pricey to bring a guest along with you when heading to 24 Hour Fitness, but there are some discounts and policies that could help. First off, it’s important to know the eligibility of your guest before bringing them – typically only family members or friends in the same household who have attained 18 years of age or older are eligible guests. Additionally, if you’re an active member, you may be entitled to discounted pricing on bringing a guest depending on your membership type and joining date. It’s best to check out their website for more information on guests rates and any other promotions they might offer at the time!

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Guests At 24 Hour Fitness?

When it comes to guests at 24 Hour Fitness, you’re in luck! There are no age restrictions for members who bring guests. That means that your children or grandchildren can come with you and take advantage of the same great member benefits as you do. Plus, if you have any friends who may be interested in trying out a membership at 24 Hour Fitness, they too can come along as your guest – all part of our guest policies!

Does 24 Hour Fitness Offer Discounts For Multiple Guests?

Yes, 24 Hour Fitness does offer discounts for multiple guests! Their discount policies vary by location and membership type, but you can usually get a discounted rate if you add on extra guest privileges. In some cases, the price could be as low as half-price for additional guests. However, keep in mind that there are age restrictions that apply to all guests – so make sure to read up on those before committing to any sort of plan or agreement.

Are There Any Restrictions On The Days Or Times Guests Can Visit?

Yes, there are restrictions when it comes to bringing guests with you to 24 Hour Fitness. Group visits and referral programs can be arranged ahead of time by calling the gym directly. While some gyms may allow walk-in visitors, it’s always best practice to call in advance so that there is no confusion or inconvenience at the front desk.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Guests A Member May Bring?

Yes, there are visitor policies to be aware of when bringing guests to 24 Hour Fitness. Each membership option has a different limit for the number of guests that can accompany you during your visit. Before bringing any visitors along with you, make sure to check and understand your specific membership options so that you know how many people will be allowed in with you.


As a member of 24 Hour Fitness, you can enjoy the benefits of bringing a guest to work out with you. The cost is reasonable and there are no age restrictions for guests. Additionally, discounts may be available for multiple guests, which is an added incentive. There are also some restrictions on when your guest can visit; however these depend on the specific location. Finally, it’s important to note that there is usually a limit as to how many guests one person can bring per day or week. All in all, being able to bring a friend along makes getting fit more fun and enjoyable!

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