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I’ve heard a lot of buzz lately about the tanning beds at Planet Fitness. As someone who likes to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in fitness, I was curious to find out whether or not these tanning beds were actually worth it. After doing some research, I wanted to share my findings with you so that you too can make an informed decision on whether or not this is something for you.

In this article, we’ll be diving into the pros and cons of the tanning bed experience at Planet Fitness. We’ll discuss topics such as safety precautions, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and more! By the end of this article, you should have all the info you need to decide if using one of their tanning beds is right for your lifestyle.

Overview Of Tanning Beds At Planet Fitness

I’ve been a member of Planet Fitness for some time now, and one of the features I enjoy most is their tanning beds. They’re extremely accessible – you can book them with ease from your phone or in-store, and they’re available at all times throughout the day. On top of that, Planet Fitness has taken extensive steps to ensure skin protection in their tanning beds. All of their customers must wear protective eyewear while using the bed, as well as use lotions approved by the salon. This ensures that users get a safe and even tan without overexposure to UV rays.

The beds themselves are very comfortable too! The adjustable headrests make it easy to find just the right angle for optimum comfort while tanning. Planet Fitness also uses high quality bulbs which provide an excellent result every time; whether you want a light golden tan or something darker, these bulbs will give you exactly what you need.

All in all, the tanning beds at Planet Fitness offer great value for money and guarantee a pleasant experience each time. Whether you’re looking for long-term colour or simply topping up your existing shade, this service makes it easier than ever before!

Safety Considerations

When considering tanning beds at Planet Fitness, it’s important to think about safety. Tanning beds are a great way to get some color without the risk of sunburns and other skin damage from outdoor tanning. However, there are still risks involved in using a tanning bed that you should be aware of before getting started.

It’s especially important for those with lighter skin or who have had any type of skin cancer to talk to their doctor first before using any type of indoor tanning bed. Sunburn prevention is key when using these types of machines, so make sure not to overexpose yourself by following all instructions provided by the salon staff. If you’re looking for an alternative option, try self-tanning lotions instead – they come with lower health risks than UV exposure!

Beyond that, if you do decide to use one of the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, remember to wear protective eyewear and follow the directions carefully. Set a timer on your phone as a reminder so you don’t stay too long and always apply sunscreen afterwards no matter what time limit is recommended. Keeping this advice in mind will help ensure your experience remains safe and enjoyable.


I’m thrilled about the cost savings that come with tanning beds at Planet Fitness! Not only does it save me money, but I also get to enjoy a great tan without leaving my gym. Plus, these beds are energy efficient and have an incredibly low environmental impact. It’s hard to beat that combination of convenience and sustainability!

It’s no secret that purchasing a tanning bed is expensive. But when you use one from Planet Fitness, you can reap all the same benefits without breaking your budget. The cost-savings alone make using their beds totally worth it – especially if you’re someone who loves having a golden glow year round or wants to look good for special occasions.

Plus, since they don’t rely on gas or electricity consumption like many other types of tanning beds do, there’s so little environmental impact that it makes them even more attractive than ever before. You can feel good knowing that your tans won’t contribute to global warming! All in all, the cost-effectiveness of Planet Fitness’ tanning beds makes them an obvious choice for anyone looking for affordable ways to achieve their desired color and level of confidence.


I love the convenience of being able to tan at Planet Fitness. There are so many locations and they offer a variety of machines. Not only do I save time by not having to drive somewhere else, but it is also very convenient that you can buy packages or just pay as you go. Additionally, the automated system allows me to easily keep track of my tans which saves time and money over other facilities.

When using the beds, I feel confident knowing that safety protocols and procedures are in place for skin protection. The staff makes sure each person has read the guidelines on how much time should be spent in the bed depending on your skin type, as well as making sure everyone understands why certain lotions are needed during their session. They even provide eye protection since UV rays from tanning beds could cause damage if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Overall, Planet Fitness provides an easy way for me to get a great tan without worrying about skin damage due to inadequate safety measures. Their beds offer more than just convenience; they make sure customers receive quality service with every visit.

Pros And Cons

Using a tanning bed at Planet Fitness can be convenient, but it has its pros and cons. One major pro is that the beds are often powerful enough to give you a good base tan without having to spend hours in the sun. However, there are some serious health risks associated with using them, such as skin damage and eye injury due to UV exposure if protective eyewear isn’t worn. It’s also important to remember that even though these machines may stimulate melanin production for quick tans, they don’t offer protection against future UV radiation from the sun or other sources.

Though regular use of tanning beds might not be wise due to potential health risks, occasional use could still be appropriate given certain precautions like wearing protective clothing and eyewear. Plus, if you’re looking for a little color boost before an event or vacation then this could be a great option for you. Just make sure you understand how much time your body needs between visits so that your skin doesn’t suffer any long-term damage.

Bottom line: If used responsibly and sparingly, tanning beds at Planet Fitness can provide convenience and results without sacrificing safety. However, staying out of the sun altogether is always better than putting yourself at risk by using artificial UV light sources – regardless of where they come from!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Can I Use The Tanning Beds At Planet Fitness?

If you’re considering using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain time limits depending on your skin type. Usually, if you have light or fair skin, then you should limit yourself to no more than ten minutes of tanning per session. If you have medium to dark skin, however, then you can extend your time up to twenty minutes for each session. This will help reduce any potential risks associated with overexposure and ensure that you get an even tan.

Are There Any Additional Fees To Use The Tanning Beds?

Yes, there may be additional fees to use the tanning beds at Planet Fitness. Depending on your membership plan, you may need to pay an extra fee. It’s important to note that using tanning beds carries various risk factors and can cause skin damage if used too often or without proper protection. Be sure to take all necessary precautions when using a tanning bed, no matter where it is located.

Are The Tanning Beds Regularly Maintained And Cleaned?

When it comes to the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, safety standards and cleanliness are top priority. They make sure that all of their equipment is regularly maintained and cleaned for your health and protection. Plus, they also require users to wear protective eyewear when using any of the tanning beds in order to keep your eyes safe from UV radiation. So you can be confident that no matter which bed you use, you’ll have a great experience with peace of mind knowing that all necessary precautions were taken for your benefit.

Are The Tanning Beds Suitable For People With Fair Skin?

Yes, the tanning beds at Planet Fitness are suitable for people with fair skin. However, if you have a lighter complexion then it’s important to use sun protection when in the bed and make sure not to stay too long. A good rule of thumb is to wear sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher that’s designed specifically for your skin type – be it oily, dry, or combination – and reapply regularly while using the tanning bed. This will help ensure your skin remains healthy even after extended exposure to UV light.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Using The Tanning Beds?

Yes, there are age restrictions for using the tanning beds. Most states require anyone under 18 to have written parental consent before they can use a tanning bed and typically prohibit those aged 16 or younger from using them at all. It’s also important to note that you should always wear protective eyewear when visiting a tanning salon, as well as apply sunscreen beforehand. This will help minimize your risk of sunburns and skin damage.


In conclusion, using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness can be a great way to get a nice glow without having to go out in the sun. However, it is important to make sure that you are familiar with all of their policies and procedures before stepping into one of their tanning beds. You should also ensure that the bed is properly cleaned and maintained so that your skin stays safe from any potentially harmful UV rays. With these precautions taken care of, I am confident that you will enjoy your visit to Planet Fitness!

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